Collection: Submarine Force

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These baits are designed to target operating depths between 3 to 15 feet of seawater. Trolling, surf casting, or finesse placement on ambush predators. Unlike the Navy's Silent Service our baits are designed to have action and pulse generating signatures that predators dial in on. Plastic baits rely on internal knockers and rattles. The beauty of the handcrafted timber baits are they can be shaped and tuned to deliver frequency and pressure waves much like the natural prey they are imitating. Wood grain and density of species will make each bait crafted it's own unique tool for the angler to learn, tune, and adapt to consistent hook sets.

Color plays a role absolutely at the top of the water column. Many pattern variations can couple blends and shifts that aid in the varied spectrum of light reflection making the bait have discernable attraction to the fish. Check out our Dive Log Blog on color and sound science as we launch future discussions. 

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  • Fast Attack (FLCB)
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