Welcome to Shift Colors Bait Works, LLC , a veteran owned small business specializing in the craft of custom tackle building for the serious angler.

Deep Thoughts

Decades from now your tackle will be either yard sale material or passed down as a family heirloom. Odds are your great grandchildren will display or fish with the custom made baits...

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

Sample of Colors for Custom Bait Pattern Requests


Our Bait Bucket To Yours

Our goal is to get you your order of baits shipped as soon as possible. In stock baits are a very fast turn around. Custom baits are just that baits made with care and detail special for the ordering angler. Please allow for up to three weeks depending on orders ahead of you. I will also keep you posted by email on status each week.


About Shift Colors Bait Works, LLC

Shift Colors Bait Works, LLC was adopted to tie together some passions of life. My early career was spent serving in the US Navy as a deep sea diver. The traditions and jargon of the worlds finest navy offer many ways to name baits produced and enjoy some educational shares along the way. A passion for fishing from an early age has been a foundation with family and friends my whole life. Fishing brings sport, challenge, conversation, friendships, and traditions passed from generation to generation in our family.

Many trades and crafts are lost in today's world of mass production and automation. I fully believe that hand woodcraft like many other art forms needs to be preserved and taught to the generations to come. The end result of a handmade product is a unique individualized cherished tool for the sport. I once read that when assessing a product of quality look for the imperfections, the signature of the tools used, and the what makes a piece one of a kind as that validates that it was made by the hands of a craftsman not machine. The material has life; the grain of a wood species, it's density, and unique attributes give the product its own personality. It then is the expectation of the angler to tune it how they prefer, make it perform, and adapt to it's behavior. There is a reason why a handmade bamboo flyrod is the only way to feel every twitch of a trout. Wrapped glass / graphite cannot reach that level. Once the angler becomes one with the custom bait many memories will be formed by the handmade products savored. I don't promise perfection in any lure but a distinct personality and look to each. What I do promise is that when your fishing buddy see's you knot up one of our baits to your leader you will know your fish picture will look way better than theirs!

Lure building was a natural transition for me as for many years I have relaxed behind a fly vise crafting trout stream flies and saltwater patterns . Having a hobbyist enjoyment for woodworking blending the two seemed like good sense. My children blessed with true artistic family genetics inspired me to learn paint media.

Most relevant is appreciating the natural color shifting beauty and movement God gave the marine creatures we try so hard to imitate in our bait patterns. The complexity of creation is amazing.
Taking time to understand habit, behavior, and patterns of baitfish translates into the true appreciation for the hunt.

Last, our name plays off the colors laid down in painting crafted lures that shift naturally in color tones and a hand salute to a ceremonial naval tradition performed daily the world over on our ships.

"Underway...Shift Colors" is a command given on naval ships when when the last mooring line is cast or anchors aweigh signaling an immediate change in the ship's colors. The Union Jack (@ jackstaff bow) and Ensign (@ flagstaff stern) are struck and the Streaming Colors (Masthead Flag / Ensign) are broken at the masthead / gaff.

"Anchors aweigh...my anglers...Anchors aweigh! Tight lines!